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How Do Websites Get Hacked?

Website hacking seems like a cakewalk these days. May it be improper or a weak password setting or being negligent towards the care of the website it immediately gets hacked. A hacked website is like a free invitation to loads of private information and detail which should not be disclosed to any other individual who can misuse it.

What is a Hacked Website?

A hacked website is a situation where an individual tries to decode the password by trying on various permutations and combinations to decode it and gain all the personal files and information about a website. Hence it is always advised to have a strong password for website protection. In case of a hacked website, website hack removal services are available which help one to find the malicious codes to fix the hacked site. Such professionals also have a solution for the WordPress database hacked.

My website was hacked, what should I do now?

A hacked website is a condition where malicious codes are put to decode the password illegally. This helps the individual to gain all the private and confidential information of the website and one can also bring about changes in it.

In case of a hacked website, one should immediately follow certain procedures for website protection:

  • The first thing is to locate the vital resources which help to find malicious codes.
  • The new URL's inserted by the unethical hacker should be immediately recognized and removed. Change it with the correct and updated ones.
  • The newly updated pages can be made readable for people on google with the help of the 'Fetch as Google'(temporarily removed) feature on Search Console.
  • Cleaning up the page is the next step and removing the malicious codes found while having access to website vulnerability.
  • Keep a backup of the previous data.
  • Removal of unnecessary software matters too to fix a hacked site.
  • Do a proper and clean installation for website security. Do not just rely on an upgrade as it is a clear invitation for another damaging hack. Maintain a safe and strong maintenance plan.
  • One needs to keep the website updated, always keep a check on the URL pages, keep changing the password after certain intervals, and keep the devices protected through which the website was logged in.
  • Have a check on the overall clean-up procedure and be ensured about all the safety steps taken before bringing the site online again.

After following all these procedures, the new, secured, and updated website can be bought online.

How to identify the symptoms of a hacked website?

Many people are unable to identify the hacked website which delays the procedure of website hacked repair. Mentioned below are certain indications that can help one to identify the malware and damages caused due to it:

1. The Content of Homepage Changes

The first and foremost symptom is the variation in the appearance of the homepage. The contents that were available previously will be changed with some other irregular content. The hacker might put up his products for sale.

2. Loss of Site Accessibility

The first thing hackers do when they decode the passwords set by you is to change them. This does not allow the owner of the site to log in to the account again.

3. The Performance of the Website Lowers

Another symptom to identify a hacked website is that the website processes very slow without any major reason. The hackers change the original contents of the website with their contents which might use up a lot of resources. In such cases, the website hack removal services help to get rid of the unknown and harmful posted contents and replace them with the original ones. One can also check the performance of their website on Google's Pagespeed Insight.

4. Display of Malicious Ads on Website

A hacked website displays unnecessary content like fake prices, money prices, or adult content. Sometimes people are not able to close these pop-ups.

5. Website is Marked Deceptive by Google

Google always ensures the safety of its visitors and goodwill. Hence a continuous scan is carried by google to find malicious sites. Once such sites are detected they mark it as deceptive and lower those websites too. This helps the users to stay updated and the website owner to undertake steps for website hacked recovery.

6. The Website is suspended by the Hosting Provider

Once malware is detected by the hosting provider on the website, he immediately lowers it for safety purposes. The provider also informs the website owner about the hacked website by sending an informative mail requesting a website malware cleanup.

7. Low Site Traffic

If there is a sudden dip in your site's traffic rate without any apparent reason, then it is a clear indication of a hack. The hackers use this traffic rate for their website's high ranking.

8. Change in Keyword Tool

Once the website is hacked the hackers change the keyword tool. Hence display of keywords like cheap products, cheap adult toys, or other irrelevant keywords is usually displayed. Under such conditions immediately contact a website hack removal service to fix a hacked website.

How to fix a hacked website?

Clean Hacked Files

Cleaning the malicious files and replacing them with adequate ones is the first and foremost step. Follow the mentioned steps for removal of malicious codes:

  • Use SFTP or SSH to log in to your server.
  • Create a backup of the previous files before preparing the new ones.
  • Identify the changed and inadequate content.
  • Check out the user's name who has changed the content along with the activity's date.
  • Restore the suspicious content.
  • With the help of a text editor open a premium file.
  • Find malicious codes and remove them from custom files.
  • Have a check whether the updated site is operational or not.

Remove or Clean the Hacked Database Tables

One can perform this function by following certain steps:

  • Log in to the database admin panel.
  • Make a backup of the data before replacing it.
  • Lookout for malicious content.
  • Open the table filled with malicious codes and content.
  • Cleanup the malware manually.
  • Check the availability of the updated website.
  • Remove the uploaded database access tools.
  • Limited Site Accessibility

    It is advised to limit the accessibility of the site for website protection. This also makes up a task for hackers.

    Removal of Hidden Backdoors

    This helps to keep the site safe and secured and not allow the malicious codes to attack the website again.

    Remove Suspicious Warnings

    After the website malware cleanup, one can request a review. For this procedure, one should contact their website hosting company. They will fill in the website review request form.

    How to protect the website from being hacked?

    After performing the procedure of website malware cleanup it is the responsibility of the owner to keep it safe from future attacks. Follow the steps mentioned below to keep your site protected and safe from the next hack attack:

    Closure of Other Ways to Hack - Hardening the website is an advisable option to avoid further website vulnerability. The procedure involves setting up a safety boundary to stop hackers from performing their wrong intentions.

    Maintain Backups - Having a backup file is the thumb rule of technology. Having a backup is the safest option to keep your data sound and secured. Try to maintain the backup offline so that it doesn't get hacked again. To level up the security of your original files have a backup of your backed-up files too.

    Safeguard your Website - Another basic requirement of the updated website is to maintain its security through a medium like a Website Firewall. It helps one to prevent attacks in the future and prevent brute force too.

    To Prevent the WordPress Site being Hacked follow the below-mentioned steps:

    Maintain a Security Plugin - May your website be on a smaller or bigger scale one should always use a security plugin to keep it secured from another damaging attack.

    Use WordPress Security Plugin - WordPress Security Plugin uses themes to maintain its security. Hence a WordPress site hacked situation lowers with the help of a security plugin.

    Web Security Patch Services

    Is your site Hacked?. Dont' worry - Guaranteed Speedy Hacked Website Fix for all CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and Other CMS.

    Malware Diagnosis

    Our automated and manual website malware scanning methods using advanced signature technology to locate the malicious activities from your web pages, SQL Database, malicious files, and scripts of the Website.

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    Hacked Website Cleaning

    Hackers are hacking 10,000 plus websites a day. They inject malicious scripts or files to your website. Also, it's dangerous to whoever accessing your site. We do website malware removal services for those websites that affected by hackers.

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    Web Application Firewall

    A Web Application Firewall (WAF) inspects your website's HTTP traffic to prevent attacks from SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), malicious file inclusion, security misconfigurations, and site redirection. We configure a powerful firewall rule on your website.

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    Website Security

    Get website antivirus from fix my hacked website. Our advanced website protection software automatically checks and, fixating database cleaning, Javascript cleaning, plugin fix, and other technical defaults at regular intervals.

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    Backlist Recovery

    If your website gets hacked, your site will be listed in blacklist in Search Engines as well as hosting accounts. Our malware removal experts will fix your hacked site and apply your website for blacklist removal from our own.

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    Security Support

    We are available 24/7 security support for your website. We add 360-degree protection to your site. Also, we provide a security plugin and advanced WAF to add additional layer security. Reach us at +1 786-377-5798 if you need any assistance.

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    How to remove malware, malicious code, and clean your hacked website?

    How we remove malware from your website?

    There are two malware scanning types we perform on your hacked site. Initially, we will run your website through an automatic scanning process using our advanced website security software. It will find the malicious codes or scripts in your source code and also makes it easier to restore your website very soon. Whereas, a manual scan will take time to analyze where the malicious code or vulnerable scripts resides. We also perform a manual security scan if our website security software did not find any malware signatures on your website.

    Website Malware Removal Service

    Malware Blacklist Removal:

    There are lots of possibilities to block your site by Google, Norton, and McAfee (any other web other authorities) due to the presence of malware.

    • The hosting provider helps you to remove the suspicious script from the site with the professional’s support. They equip with the steps of how the malware was removed.
    • Submit the review request to each blacklisting authorities who have blocked the site, after the malware removal. For example, Google Search Console, Norton safe browse, and McAfee site advisor.

    Website malware removal benefits

    • Easily notice the malware presence and get the notifications simultaneously. It helps to keep the information more secure and protect the website from being blacklisted.
    • Ensure the user has the authority to visit the site via network security by checking the ports on the server.
    • Safeguard the website by probing the database from the SQL injection.
    • Patch known vulnerabilities automatically to avoid attacks.
    • Gains the site user’s trust.

    What is Website Vulnerability?

    Security risk happens in a network or software which can easily exploit by the attackers. To break a secure network an attacker should have a tool that connects to the vulnerabilities is mentioned to be an attack surface. However, it is possible for the user to patches this kind of security issue by updating software and monitoring the network. Some of the well-known vulnerabilities are.

    • URL redirects to malicious sites that have control of attackers.
    • Weak passwords.
    • Bugs.
    • Configuration issues.
    • Path traversal.
    • Missing data encryption.
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